Postal Stamp Image : SCARLET `SCINDE DAWKS 0861 Indian Post
Stamp Issue Date : 19/10/1977
Postage Stamp Dinomination : 1.00
Postal Stamp Serial Number : 0861
Stamp Information : The First Asian International Stamp Exhibition briefly called ASIANA-77 will be held from October 19 to 23, 1977. The exhibition has been organised by the Philatelic Congress of India, an apex federated body of all the Philatelic Societies and clubs in India, with the active participatin and assistance of the Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department and also the Government of Karnataka. The exhibition will be exclusivelyfor the Asian and Australasian countries and under the patronage of the Inter-Asia Philatelic Federation (FIAP) which is the Asian chapter of the Federation Internationale de Philatelic (FIP). FIP was founded in 1926 by representatives from 7 European countries to safegauard the interests of stamp collectors at international level. At present, there is hardly any National Philatelic Federation of a country which is not affiliated with the FIP. The FIP has set up atandards rules for holding the International Exhibitions under their patronage. The FIP has categorized harmful, improper and undesirable stamp issues which they have banned for exhibiting inany of the International Exhibitions under their patronage. FIAP was organised in 1975 to strengthen the Philatelic activities among Asian and Australasian countries. To increase the participation of Asian countries in International Exhibition, the idea of Regional Exhibitions was mooted. ASIANA-77 will be a landmark inthe philatelic history of India as not only the country will have the honour to hold the First Asian International Stamp Exhibition but also some of the rarest stamps will be on display in this exhibition for the first time in India. The responce both in the competetive and non-competitive groups is more than what was expected. This exhibition will give an oportunity to the stamp lovers of India to se the choicest and prize winning exhibits of the world at one place. The Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department is happy to bring out two special postage stamp on the occasion of the First Asian International Stamp Exhibition or briefly called ASIANA-77. The stamp in Re.1 denomination depicts a pair of a famed Red Scinde Dawks of 1852 (the first Stamp in asia). The stamp in Rs. 3/- denomination shows foreign mail arriving at the Ballard Pier in Bombay in 1927. It is adapted from a potograph appearing in the Annual Report of Indian Posts & telegraphs Department for the year 1926-27.
Stamp Currency : R
Stamp Language : English
Stamp Overall Size : 3.91 X 2.90 cms
Postal Stamp Print Size : 3.55 X 2.5 cms.
Number of Stamps Per Sheet : 35
Stamp Perforations : 13 x 13
Postal Stamp Shape : Horizontal
Postage Stamp Paper : Unwatermarked adhesive stamp paper
Indian Stamp Process : Photogravure
Number of stamps printed : 20,00,000
Stamp Printed At : India Security Press
Indian Stamp's Color : Multicolour
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