Postal Stamp Image : SCHOOL MEALS 0477 Indian Post
Stamp Issue Date : 14/11/1963
Postage Stamp Dinomination : 0.15
Postal Stamp Serial Number : 0477
Postal Stamp Name : SCHOOL MEALS
Stamp Information : CHILDRENS DAY The Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department has, since the year 1957, been bringing out special stamps to celebrate Children's Day each year. Various themes connected with the care and well being of children have been depicted in them. The subject of the special stamp to be brought out on Children's Day on November 14, 1963, as recommended by the International Union for Child Welfare, Geneva, is " A National Policy for Children". Within the framework of this idea, on the suggestion of the Indian Council for Child Welfare, The Posts and Telegraphs Department has chosen the provision of mid-day meals to school going children - as the theme for this year's Children's Day stamp. This is one of the several schemes, which has been launched to improve the health of our children. The Posts and Telegraphs Department is happy to bring out again, this yea, a special postage stamp emphasising the cause of child welfare.
Stamp Currency : P
Stamp Language : English
Stamp Overall Size : 3.3x2.9 cm
Postal Stamp Print Size : 3.3x2.9 cm cms.
Number of Stamps Per Sheet : 42
Stamp Perforations : 13,1/2x14
Postal Stamp Shape : Vertical
Postage Stamp Paper : All over multiple 'Lion Capitol of Ashoka'
Indian Stamp Process : Photogravure.
Number of stamps printed : 2.5 millio
Stamp Printed At : India Security Press
Indian Stamp's Color : Brown
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