Postal Stamp Image : VOLLEYBALL 1196 Indian Post
Stamp Issue Date : 16/09/1986
Postage Stamp Dinomination : 1.50
Postal Stamp Serial Number : 1196
Postal Stamp Name : VOLLEYBALL
Stamp Information : The X Asian Games are being held in Seoul, the Phoenix city of the Orient. Seoul is the 7th city to host the games and will welcome 5,000 athelites and visitors fom 36 nations.It is perhaps the first time that the same city will host the 1988 Summer Olympics (September 17- October 2) and the 1986 Asian Games (September 20 to October 5). According to the present plan for the competitions, there will be 254 Gold Medals at atake in 25 different sports. The games of the X Asiad are scheduled to run from Saturday, September 20, 1986 through to Sunday, October 5. The number of sports included in the games has increased gradually from six in te first series in New Delhi (1951) to 21 in the IX Asian Games held at New Delhi (1982). This number will grow to 25 sports representing 269 events at the 1986 Asian Games. The new additions are Bowling, Judo, Fencing and Taekwondo. India is participating in the following events. 1.Cycling, 2. Golf, 3. Tennis, 4. Volleyboll, 5. Weightlifing, 6. Badninton, 7. Hockey (Women), 8. Boxing, 9. Hockey (Men), 10. Table Tennis, 11. Gymnastics (Men & Women), 12. Yaching, 13. Rowing, 14. Archery, 15. Swimmimg, 16. Equestarian, 17. Atheletics, 18. Football, 19. Wrstling, 20. Judo, 21. Taekwondo. The emblem of the X Asiad was adopted in September, 1982 and symbolises the ongoing progress for the people of Asia as expressed in the Asian Games motto 'Ever onward'. This emblem is derived from the Yiu-Yang symbol called Taeguk in Korea and is widely used as a decorative motif in the traditional art and architecture. The lively three lobed figure also includes the sun of the Olympic Council of the Asia Emblem. The X Asiad emblem is the joint work of Abu Jong-Un, a Professor of design at Sukurjung Women's University, Ku-Dong Jo, Design Professor of Dongduk Women's University and Kim Hyun, the President of the Design PArk Studio. Asian Games commemorative coins and medals have already been put on public sale in Korea and Overseas. During the Asian Games, Seoul Asian Games organising Committee (SAGOC) is planning a series of cultural events. The whole gamut of Korean art forms, both traditional and modern, will be represented in these events and world renowned artists have been invited to perform. Young people from all over Asia and the World will come to Korea to compete and each other shoulder to shoulder in the Olympic spirit of peace and brotherhood. And 'the land of the Morning Calm' is all set to welcome them in the traditional Korean style. The Department of Posts is happy to issue a set of two stamps on the X Asian Games being held in Seoul, Korea.
Philatelic Stamp Description : The stamp of 150p. denomination on the X Asian Games have been designed by Miss Mohinder K. Dhadwal. The First Day Cover and the Cancellation designs have been prepared by Miss Neenu Bagga.
Stamp Currency : P
Stamp Language : English
Number of Stamps Per Sheet : 12
Postal Stamp Shape : Diagonal
Indian Stamp's Color : Multicolour
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