Postal Stamp Image : ENERGY SYMBOLS 0959 Indian Post
Stamp Issue Date : 17/02/1980
Postage Stamp Dinomination : 0.30
Postal Stamp Serial Number : 0959
Postal Stamp Name : ENERGY SYMBOLS
Stamp Information : The idea of an Indian Society of Engineers was conceived in Calcutta in 1919. The Institution was founded on 13th September, 1920, and formally inaugurated on 23rd February, 1921. The Institution is constituted for the advancement of engineering science in India through exchanges of expertise amongst the members and for maintenance of high standards in the practice of the profession. On 9th September, 1935 the institution received a Royal Charter, the first given to a body which had its origin and functions in India. The Institution has 61 centres in different parts of the country where it carries its technical activities of dissemination of engineering knowledge. These centres organise regional as well as national seminars, symposia, round tables, workshops, paper meetings, technical lectures and other similar activities. The Institution publishes journals in ten parts consisting of research papers on latest break-throughs in engineering. Memberships of the Institution comprises three main categories. Corporate Members take the title of Chartered Engineer (India). Membership today has exceeded the mark of 1,00,000. The Institution conducts two examinations semi-annually: the Studentship Examination and the Institution Examination in Sections A and B. The passing of these Sections is recognised by the Govt. of India as equivalent to the passing of an engineering degree examination. The Institution is a founder member of the Conference of Engineering Institutions of the British Commonwealth. It acts as the Indian National Committee and the World Petroleum Congress and is the Member Group from this country for the Federation Internationale de la Precontrainte, the International Federation for Automatic Control and World Federation of Engineering Organisations and many similar bodies. The Indian Standards Institution is the offspring of this Institution. Indian Posts and telegraphs Department is happy to commemorate the Institution of Engineers (India) by issuing a special postage stamp.
Philatelic Stamp Description : The stamp symbolically depicts the eternal sources of energy which have been harnessed by the engineers for the benefit of mankind as well as developments in various fields of engineering. The first day cover illustation designed by the India Security Press depicts the headquarters building of the Institution of Engineers (India) at Calcutta alongwith its crest. The first day cancellation depicts geometrical divider and tee square with the wording "Institution of Engineers (India)" in Hindi and English.
Stamp Currency : P
Stamp Language : English
Stamp Overall Size : 3.91 X 2.90 cms
Postal Stamp Print Size : 3.55 X 2.5 cms.
Number of Stamps Per Sheet : 35
Stamp Perforations : 13 x 13
Postal Stamp Shape : Vertical
Postage Stamp Paper : Watermarked paper
Indian Stamp Process : Photogravure
Number of stamps printed : 20,00,000
Stamp Printed At : India Security Press
Indian Stamp's Color : Golden Yellow and Oriental Blue
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